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Missouri Deer Season 2003

Missouri whitetail buck taken 2003.         Me and my buck taken during Missouri rifle season 2003.

This is the buck I took opening morning during Missouri's rifle season in 2003.  I took him first thing Saturday morning from about 150 yards with my .300 Win Magnum. I was using a doe in estrus "can" that stopped him dead in his tracks for the shot.   The shot took out both lungs and the top of his heart yet he was able to still run nearly 100 yards!  This will be the first deer that I have actually had mounted and is the biggest I've ever taken.  Hopefully it won't be the biggest! 

March 15, 2004 - I just got the official score sheet back, he scored 151 6/8 Typical and 159 Non-Typical.

November 11, 2004 - The taxidermist called me and told me the mount was done and I could come and pick it up.  I made my way over to his shop and was impressed with his work!  I had him mount it on a walnut back and am very pleased with his work and the way that it turned out.  Here are a few pictures.





Some Amazing Deer Racks

Spring Turkey Season 2004


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