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How to Help Them

Here I am providing different information about everything from meds to preparing the house for their eventual return home.  If you have any suggestions on what I should add here please contact me and let me know!


Audio Book Loan Program

    I am going to make available the audio books that I listened to while I was on the vent and so desperately needed something to occupy my mind.

Bowel and Bladder

        I am just getting this page started!

Going Home

        Here are several lessons I learned after returning home from the hospital.  Although it is a wonderful thing to get out of that hospital there will be a lot more work and several hurdles you will face when returning home.

How to Help

        Here are several ways that I found to be helpful during my stay in the hospital.  These ideas might not help everyone,   but it will help to get you thinking along the right track!

IVIG and Plasmapheresis

        Here is some basic information about two very common methods of fighting of GBS.


        Other sources of information I thought would be informative I have gathered here on  my Links page.

Medication for GBS

        This page contains a list of medication commonly used with patients suffering from GBS.  This list is a basic one, not every medication can be found here.  To look up medication currently being administered just use your favorite search engine such as Yahoo, MSN, and Goggle.

Medical Terms and Acronyms

Hear something at the hospital that you didn't understand?  Here is a running list where you may find the answer.

Spelling Chart

        Here are pointers for communication with anyone who is on a vent.

Tools and Equipment

      Shown on these two pages are many pieces of equipment that those with Guillain Barre Syndrome may need, depending on the severity of GBS.

Photo Album

        These photo's are far from flattering, but they will give you a look at what the recovery process can be like.


    Here I talk about my experience of gaining return in my hands and try to provide insight as to what you may expect.








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