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 Because of the severity of my Guillain-Barre, I was discharged from the US Navy after 8 years of service and treated in VA facilities in Missouri and Minnesota.  I have learned a lot along the way and will try and share some of that information here for all of you who were discharged from the service after GBS.


To locate a VA hospital near you try the VA Facilities Directory which allows you to be able to search by state, then city.

I was retired from the US Navy under the Temporary Disability Retirement List program (TDRL) in 2001. To learn more about the program try TDRL.  The Permanent Disability Retirement List is also covered.

I joined the Paralyzed Veterans of America while I was in Minneapolis and still dependant upon my wheel chair.  They were able to act on my behalf to make sure that I got all that I was entitled to as a veteran.  If you are being underpaid for your disability these folks will fight to make sure you get what you are entitled to.  Give them a call and see if you qualify.

For those of you who don't qualify for the PVA there is a similar group known as the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) that will help you in the same ways that the PVA.

Any service member who is determined to have a disability that is service connected should apply for Vocational Rehabilitation through the Department of Veterans Affairs.  Voc Rehab is job training that will give you skills you will need to earn a job skill that is within the capability of your disability.  There is a website where you can learn more about it.  Check out Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Services on Dept of Veterans Affairs website.

Another website you may need is for that of the Department of Veterans Affairs.


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