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Spring Turkey Season 2004



My brother and I got a double!       My brother and our birds


              Me and our birds           The tom I took opening morning.


Opening morning of Missouri turkey season I found myself running late getting into the woods.  The sun was already breaking and I could hear the tom I had roosted the night before gobbling on his roost about 150 yards down a draw from where I wanted to set up.  As quickly and quietly as I was able to, I pulled my decoys out of my vest and started setting them up out in front of me.  After the decoys were up and I was walking back to the tree where I was going to sit I heard my gobbler fly down out of his tree and into an open cow pasture on the other side of the draw. 


After sitting down I began to call to the tom with my new box call and was rewarded with a quick reply.  Just as I was starting to call to him again one of my decoys fell over and onto its side; apparently I hadnít pushed the stake down into the ground far enough in my haste.  I could hear that the tom was still roughly in the same spot and wasnít able to see him so I decided to belly crawl out and set the fallen decoy back up.  As soon as I started my belly crawl I began to doubt that my decision to set the decoy back up had been a good one and to worry that I would be seen crawling around and get busted.  After setting the wayward hen decoy back in the upright position I returned to my tree and again called to the tom that had fallen silent.


Shortly after calling to the tom I again heard his gobble off in the distance.  Over the next ten minutes we called back and forth to each other as he began to come closer.  When he was about 90 yards away he walked over the crest of a hill on the opposite side of the small draw and I was able to see him extend his head each time he gobbled.  Within just a few minutes of his appearance a hen took flight from her perch and landed in the open field near the tom that I had been trying to call within range of trusty Ďol Mossberg.  I watched in despair as she led him back over the hill and away from me.  I continued to call to him as he walked off with the hen and listened as he got farther and farther away.


Forty minutes later I heard him gobble so I again started calling to him.  I was excited when I tell he was beginning to come in my direction again!  It took him 15 minutes to get back to where I could see him again but this time he was in full strut.  He worked his way towards me and was still in full strut we he came out of the draw at 60 yards.  He came about another 5 or so and then he noticed the jake decoy I had mounted on top of the Featherflex hen and got just a little peeved.  He dropped out of his strut and started to run at the jake and hen; I dropped him when he got to 20 yards and filled my first tag of the season.



Deer Season 2003

Some Amazing Deer Racks


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